ECPA History & Information

The Mission of the East Cleveland Parks Association

The mission the East Cleveland Parks Association is to work in cooperation with the city of East Cleveland use  the city’s public open spaces to improve the quality of life of its citizens.  This will be accomplished by:

  1. Restoring and maintaining the city’s public open space
  2. Assisting and implementing appropriate recreational, horticultural, cultural beautification, education, environmental and specific programming
  3. Using the park for community renewal.

The East Cleveland Parks Association is a private, nonprofit tax exempt citizen’s organization. It has a board of trustees and an advisory board comprised of community residents, people who work in East Cleveland and people with special expertise needed to accomplish the agency’s mission.

Brief History

In the late 80’s the City of East Cleveland encountered financial difficulties that made it hard to keep their portion of the park in good repair.  In the early 90’s a group of area residents formed a voluntary organization to help maintain and repair the parts of the park the City could not maintain. The original organizations was call The “Friends of Forest Hill Park” and led by Roy (Dutch) Harley, a Forest Hill homeowner, and founder of the East Cleveland Parks Association (ECPA) which is a 501C3 non profit organization.  In 2002, we entered into an agreement with the City of East Cleveland that allows ECPA to perform work in the park and to work with the city’s employees.

From 2002 through 2012 ECPA’s work included major repair and rebuilding of trails and structures.  ECPA worked with the City of East Cleveland and secured grants from the State of Ohio as well as other philanthropic groups.

To date, ECPA has performed over $400,000 of work in Forest Hill Park. Examples of our accomplishments in 2012 include:

  1. Building a new playground, with Jack and Jill of America, (that includes musical instruments).
  2. Rehabilitating 4 baseball fields with the help of East Cleveland School Board.
  3. Creating a new pond overlook by removing unwanted/unsightly brush and overgrowth, planting new flowering shrubs and installing a new picnic table, with the help of volunteers
  4. Repairing three tennis courts.
  5. Removing over 12 dead trees, with help of Metro-parks.
  6. Painting and repairing benches and bleachers.
  7. Installing a 600 foot underground electric line to provide electricity to the baseball announcer building.
  8. Planting 12 flowering trees by the pond
  9. Hosting 5 volunteer groups
  10. Supporting an archeological dig at Rockefeller home site
  11. As well as rescuing several abandoned animals.

Board of Trustees

1. Gordon Hay President
2. Richard Van Petten Treasurer  
3. Trina Prufer Secretary & historian  
4. Elsa Johnson Vice President
5. Richard Secor Board Member
6. Elsie DawsonBoard Member 
7. Bryan ThomasBoard Member  
8. Taunya YoungBoard Member  

Board Meetings scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month.